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Texas grown. Colorado Rockies dreaming.

Meet Vanessa Whitmarsh and Jessica Cordero

An art driven hairdresser and a creative business manager, they met 14 years ago while training and working at Austin, TX's top AVEDA Salon. Becoming quick friends, sharing the same values of creativity, integrity and hard work; remembering to always learn first, push boundaries and impact those around them.

Jessica returned home to El Paso, Texas where she lead a salon team to consecutive honors in business management. She eventually left to start her own coaching business. She used technology to connect salon owners with business education from leaders across the country with free Lunch & Learn events. Always seeking to listen and learn, she then used that to be of value to the suite owners, boutique salons and multi-location brands she worked with.

Modern Salon, American Salon and Estetica are just a few of the publications Vanessa’s art has been featured in. Working behind the chair Vanessa connects with her guests and builds strong relationships. It’s when she’s expressing her vision and sharing her knowledge that she really shines. From producing award winning team and individual collections, working backstage at New York Fashion Week, being an AVEDA educator and National AVEDA Artist Team member she has the first hand experience of the value of learning and the passion to take talent to the next level.

Now together, CULT Salon is the place bringing creative and business education to the next generation of beauty. By providing education, training, business coaching and a creative space our environment works to nourish every artist while building a place to flourish as a team.

We have a lot to teach, and even more to learn!

Join us!